Your Guide to Controlling Condensation in the Home

 Condensation is a common cause of unwanted dampness in the home. You might also be noticing condensation more in these cold and chilly months as windows fog up and glass doors drip water.

Fortunately, by understanding why and how condensation occurs, you can learn how to control it both in your home’s interior and exterior.

Read more from the Perth glass experts at SV Glass to find out how.



Defining condensation


Condensation comes about when excess humidity in the air is released onto cool surfaces.

Glass in your windows and doors provide a visible surface that will display the first signs of condensation.

Left ignored, condensation can actually lead to structural issues in windows and doors that are made from aluminium or some other materials.


How is this so?

  • The temperature of aluminium doors and windows will change to the temperature around it, due to the transfer of heat ability with aluminium.
  • This means that the colder the outside temperature, the colder your aluminium frames will be, which will likely lead to, you guess it, condensation.

What contributes to condensation? Many lifestyle factors can increase condensation such as long and hot showers and baths, utilising saunas and spas and even washing your clothes.

Fortunately, there’s a few ways to control condensation in the home.



Controlling condensation in the home


Let’s explore minimising condensation in the home with a Perth glass expert:


  • Install double glazed windows – as they tolerate greater indoor humidity than their single pane glass counterparts.
  • Raise the average temperature in your home by one or two degrees.
  • Open blinds and windows for better air circulation.
  • Utilise a ceiling fan to push warm air toward windows.
  • Don’t block heat vents with furniture or other items.
  • Open the door to unoccupied and unheated rooms in your home.
  • Open windows or doors to your laundry when the laundry appliances are in use.
  • Keep all vent ducts in appliances free of lint and other blockages.



If everybody in the household remembers these small but mighty factors, the risk that condensation can pose over time can be quashed.


Is there anything I can do to my home externally?



Yes – there are ways to control exterior condensation to the home. Why? Because as the temperature of the exterior surface of the glass is cooled by the temperature of the outside air, moisture forms on the exterior of the glass.

To manage exterior condensation, try these tips:

  • Close your window coverings (blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings) to reduce glass cooling caused by air.
  • Remove or prune any outside shrubbery that is near your glass.

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