Why You Should Open Your Home Up with Glass

Are you building a new home or renovating an existing one? It’s safe to say you’re probably strategising and searching for ways to improve the layout, ambience and general atmosphere.

One of the ways you can easily, affordably and elegantly achieve an open, ambient, atmospheric home is with glass. From bifold glass doors, splashbacks, windows and even shower screens, glass is the answer.

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Bring sunshine and luminous light inside

If there’s one thing many people love about Perth, it’s the blue skies and sunshine that exists almost all year round. The radiance of natural light boosts serotonin in your body, which is a chemical that improves your mood, keeping you calm and focused.

Adding more custom glass (like floor to ceiling windows) to your home will essentially brighten your home and your mood – without having to step outside!


Versatile and value adding

Installing a glass room, aka sunroom, four-season room, solarium or outdoor enclosure expands the living space in a home and is a great investment in more ways than one.


A dedicated sunroom is multifunctional – it could be a home office, a plant room, guest bedroom, children’s play area, an extra living room or something else.

Sunrooms and the addition of bifold glass doors not only add value to you but add value to your property. People will pay more for a touch of luxury and smart layouts.

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Affordable energy efficiency

As we become more environmentally conscious, it has many of us thinking about achieving energy efficiency in the home.

High-quality, custom glass for Perth windows and doors has efficient insulation capacity.

This means the inner temperature will be maintained, and you will want to spend more time enjoying the ambient tranquillity of your glass-optimised home, or dedicated sunroom.

Also, why would you pay tens of thousands on a home addition, when bifold glass doors and custom glass addition is more affordable and enhances openness?


Closer to nature, health and happiness

Enjoy the outside, inside with a little help from the custom glass Perth specialists.


To experience the light, bright sun without feeling uncomfortable or burning your skin

See how daily safe exposure to sunlight will improve your physical and mental health

Opening up your home to nature, health and happiness just makes sense.

Bifold glass doors and other custom glass products make it achieved affordably, without compromising on quality and style.


SV Glass are the Perth custom glass company you need

For over 20 years, SV glass have provided high-quality custom glass to Perth homes and commercial premises. Our products are proudly manufactured ourselves, with no corners cut.

Glass is the perfect way to open up your home for a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t worry though, as our well-built and durable custom glass and bifold glass doors won’t open your home up to criminals.


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