Which Glass Product is the Strongest and Safest in the Home?

Glass has long been a functional fixture in Perth homes, through the nation and worldwide.

In the modern Australian home, glass has come back as a stylish must-have that boasts many benefits. However, as we know, certain areas in the home require increased safety and security.

This is where quality craftmanship and service, as well as the right glass product, to ensure strong, secure and safe results.

So, which glass product is the strongest and safest in the home?

Read more from those who know Perth glass, SV Glass, to find out.

Plate glass

To understand the strongest and safest glass in the home, we must look at the product that is the opposite. Plate glass is the least durable and most breakable variety.

What is plate glass?

  • This type of glass is cast from a solid plate, utilising rolling processes to form flat glass.
  • Plate glass is formed by liquid glass, spread on a flat metal table when it is still hot.
  • Once the spreading is stopped, rollers are used to smooth and polish it as it cools down.

Another term for plate glass is ‘float glass.’

What is plate glass used for?

  • Windows,
  • Mirrors,
  • Glass tables, and
  • In applications which require flat glass.

The above is a sample of the most common forms and functions of plate glass.

One thing to know and know well about plate glass is how brittle it can be. Upon breaking, its shards can result in serious injuries.

Don’t worry, there’s far more reliable, strong and safe Perth glass products you can use in your home.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is known to hold together well when shuttered, staying in the frame.

What is laminated glass?

  • This type of glass involves two or more layers of glass with a polyvinyl butyric (PVB) layer.
  • This layer bonds the other layers together to create impressive, added strength.

If broken, its interlayer, which is made of PVB layer holds, which avoids breaking into smaller, sharper particles.

What is laminated glass used for?

  • Car windshields,
  • Store fronts, and
  • In the home, you see laminated glass used for skylights, and windows in geographically vulnerable locations.

Did you know that the PVB layer within laminated glass has the capacity to achieve sound insulation and block UV rays?

Toughened (aka tempered) glass

Last, but certainly not least, is toughened/tempered glass. This glass product is widely recommended and used for safety purposes, both inside and outside of the home.

What is toughened/tempered glass?

  • This type of glass is manufactured by controlled thermal or chemical treatment processes.
  • When tempered, the outer surface will compress, which brings tension at the inner surface.
  • If broken, it will safely crumble into smaller particles that won’t cut skin.

What is toughened/tempered glass used for?

  • Car windows and architectural glass doors and windows, and
  • In the home, shower doors, refrigerator doors and their trays.

There’s simply no denying that toughened or tempered glass within the home is the strongest and safest option.

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