The Differences Between Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors Explained

A door exists to separate the inside from the outdoors, room to room, and add privacy and security. Nothing more, nothing less – right? 

A door is so much more than that, and when you choose quality glass bifold doors in Perth, you’re investing in a world of benefits. 

Sliding doors have been the staple for many Australian homes, for many years. However, bifold doors are cementing their style in interior design. 

So, what’s the main differences between bifold doors and sliding doors? 

Read more from those who know quality glass in Perth, SV Glass to find out. 


How they open 

How a door opens is arguably the most important reason behind why we select certain styles for our home. 

Of course, both bifold and sliding doors, if installed and maintained correctly, will open seamlessly, time and time again. 

However, let’s understand their differences: 

  • Bifold doors: will protrude into the interior or exterior outdoor space, yet it’s not in a way that looks or feels clunky. Bifold doors perth work excellently and easily to open up an entire area, providing a smooth transition between interior and outdoor spaces. 
  • Sliding doors: have one fixed panel in place, which means the two spaces (indoor/outdoor, room to room) cannot be perfectly unified. A benefit though, is how compact they are. 


How the doors are configured 

  • Bifold doors: enjoy a range of customisable configurations. For example, your bifold door could utilise a single door opening, with the other panels sliding to the other direction. Single opening, double opening (think French doors), or fully open bifold doors are all possible. 
  • Sliding doors: can open to one side or open to both sides. This all depends on the number of panels in your door. 

Both door options are customisable, however it’s bifold glass doors in Perth that boast more configuration options. 


How about hardware? 

The tools, accessories and maintenance for a home fixture are important to many of us. 

  • Bifold doors: due to their complexities, require more hardware and moving parts such as rollers, hinges, handles and operators. This can lead to more maintenance and a slightly higher price tag than its counterpart, however if you choose the right glass door company in Perth, it’s worth it. Quality manufactured glass doors and exceptional installation and service will put your mind at ease about maintenance. 
  • Sliding doors: are the easier to maintain option due to less hardware and material involvement. However, they just don’t have the same aesthetic appeal as bifold doors. 


How bifold and sliding doors go on aesthetics and screening options 

Aesthetics is crucial to interior design, as is the ability to allow natural air and light in, without also letting in flies and creepy crawlies. 

  • Bifold doors: require smaller glass panels with wider timber or aluminium frames. Talk to the Perth glass specialists at SV Glass about your screening options. 
  • Sliding doors: can utilise larger glass panels with slimmer frames. Sliding doors can be recessed into wall cavities so the panels slide easily out of sight. 

In this area, both bifold and sliding doors are equal with their benefits. 


What makes the biggest difference is who you choose to install glass doors in your home. 

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