Signs You Should Upgrade or Replace Your Windows

Does your window need replacing?

It can be hard to tell if you aren’t a professional in the glass industry. However, today, we are sharing some key signs that your windows may be due for an upgrade:  

The window’s functionality is faulty 

With time and wear-and-tear, windows develop balance issues. This can lead to jamming and sticking. Through the years, rust, rotting, or mould may also factor into the loss of functionality of your windows. Luckily, at SV Glass, we have a huge catalogue of new window options that are functional. You can expect years of reliable performance without too much maintenance.


You experience repeated cold drafts 

Do you feel a draft whenever you get close to your windows? This may be an indication that their seals are damaged, meaning it’s time to invest in replacing your windows. This compromises your home’s thermal stability, putting extra load on your HVAC system and leading to higher energy bills. By keeping the temperature pleasant without putting extra load on your HVAC, you can enjoy considerable energy savings. Read about how double glazing windows can actually save you on your energy bills here. 


Excessive window condensation between the glass panes 

Have you noticed any “sweat” on your windows, particularly on cold days? This is condensation, which can mean that your current window’s glazing is losing its capabilities. Due to failing seals, it’s easy for moisture to find its way between the glass panes, forming condensation. You can prevent this by investing in new energy-efficient double glazed windows.


Audible outside noise 

Are your days and nights filled with noise from a car horn, dog bark, and other traffic noises from inside your home? This is a sign that your windows may need an upgrade. A good window will be able to cut out a lot of the noise pollution outdoors, and keep your home peaceful. 


Decay and water damage on window frames

Over time, extreme weather and age can wear down your windows. In fact, they might sustain enough damage; simple repairs are not enough. If your existing windows have cracks, broken glass, chipping, rotting, mould or decay, it might be time to replace your windows to match the rest of your home;s aesthetic. 


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