Carinya – Residential Sliding Window

Residential Sliding Window

Classic Series

The Timeless style of the Carinya Sliding window is complemented by superb engineering.

The Classic Sliding window in a unique combination of form and function not previously available in the residential category. Carinya has many visible advantages over alternative products in addition to its obvious aesthetic qualities, these include:

  • Exclusive handle located on the mullion for ease of access and cleaner lines.
  • In built weather flaps to reduce air & water infiltration, cover drain slots & minimise insect intrusion.
  • Proprietary adjustable, non corrosive roller system – the engine room of these high performance windows – provides effortless gliding motion that makes the window a joy to operate
  • Anti – lift block fitted above the sash to prevent manipulation and increase security
  • Mullion and transom end caps that ensure insects have no place to hide.

Technical specifications

Maximum Sash Height 1500mm
Maximum Sash Width 1200mm
Maximum Glass Thickness 10.5mm or 18mm IGU
Maximum Sash Weight 40kg
Frame width available 50mm & 92mm


New residential construction
Window replacement and renovation
Low-rise building


A range of sill options are available for applications requiring increased weather performance. A range of mullions and transoms complete with end caps for a quality finish.

A ventlock that allows the window to be secured in a partially opened position to allow ventilation whilst still being secure.

Choice of screening Options

The genuine quality of their product , their uncompromising after-sales support, and their hard working application on every project, have made SV Glass a true trading partner

- Anthony Pillinger, SWELL HOMES

Thank you for the great work done. We are very happy with the new look to a tired old room. Please thank Blake for the his excellent work and professionalism.

- Patricia Gignoli