Carinya – Double Hung Window

Double Hung Window

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The Carinya Classic Double Hung Window is a slimline design to complement heritage houses and new homes aiming for a designer look.

The Carinya Select Double Hung Window is a distinctive combination of design and durability not previously available in the residential category.

Besides a modern designer look, the Carinya Select double hung window is packed with a multitude of performance features, many of which are simply not available in competing products:

Technical specifications

Maximum Sash Height 1090mm
Maximum Sash Width 1000mm
Maximum Glass Thickness 10.5mm or 18mm IGU
Maximum Sash Weight 20kg
Frame width available 92mm


Choice of screening options BetterVue® and UltraVue® for superior mesh solutions.
Security screens securely fitted within the head and sill.
Integrated sidelights, highlights and lowlights.


The Carinya Select Double Hung Window has been designed with matching stylish hardware, with the option for a lockable or non-lockable handle.

All Carinya double hung window sashes feature corner blocks in all four corners of the sashes. These blocks make the sash more rigid, reducing twist and movement. This reduction in movement increases the performance of the window by reducing opportunities for air, water and dust infiltration.

The genuine quality of their product , their uncompromising after-sales support, and their hard working application on every project, have made SV Glass a true trading partner

- Anthony Pillinger, SWELL HOMES

Thank you for the great work done. We are very happy with the new look to a tired old room. Please thank Blake for the his excellent work and professionalism.

- Patricia Gignoli