Aneeta – Sashless Window

Sashless Window


An unobstrusive view together with the practicality of an operable window best describes an Aneeta Sashless Window, and they are suitable for all building environments

Aneeta sashless windows are a modern alternative to traditional openable windows. Sashless windows are a double hung system that feature two moving panes of counterbalanced glass, without the bulk of a timber or aluminium sash frame surrounding the glass. This provides the best-uninterrupted view in opening window design available today. The windows open at both the top and bottom with one easy motion to provide perfect rotational ventilation.

A sashlash window retro fit is perfect for the following:

  • Where original design hasn’t allowed for enough ventilation (i.e. remove fixed glass panes)
  • Old timber sashes have rotted or are not operating effectively
  • Spirals or cords require too much maintenance
  • Upgrade from single glazing to Low E or
    “double glazing” for greater energy efficiency
  • Upgrade a door panel to include our window system
  • Create a more contemporary look

Technical specifications

Glass Options
Single Glazed 6mm or 10mm
Interlocking Double Glazed 16mm
Clearstep™ Double Glazed 16mm
Frame Options
Composite (Aluminium Outside / Timber Inside)

Also 3 Panel & 4 Panel Vertical Sliders are available

The genuine quality of their product , their uncompromising after-sales support, and their hard working application on every project, have made SV Glass a true trading partner

- Anthony Pillinger, SWELL HOMES

Thank you for the great work done. We are very happy with the new look to a tired old room. Please thank Blake for the his excellent work and professionalism.

- Patricia Gignoli