Alspec – Invisi-gard Security Screen

Altitude Apartment Sliding Door

The Altitude Sliding Door has been specifically designed with the latest
trends in architecture in mind. The door allows architects and designers the
ability to achieve expansive openings without the need to compromise on
performance or aesthetics.

Specifying the Alspec Altitude Sliding Door ensures the client receives a
stylish, high performance product.Designed by Alspec to meet the extremes of the Australian environment,
the Altitude Apartment Sliding Door is the premier choice by architects, builders,
homeowners and fabricators when looking for a great sliding door.

    Technical specifications

    Frame Dimensions
    Option 1 76 x 46mm
    Option 2 101.6 x 46mm
    Option 3 150 x 46mm
    Maximum Recommended Sizes
    Height 2700mm
    Width 1500mm
    Weight 160kg
    Acoustic Performance Glass Type Rw (C; Ctr)
    6.38mm Laminate 32 (-2,-2)
    10.5mm Hush Lam 36 (-0,-2)
    Thermal Performance
    Uw range SG 4.2 – 6.0
    SHGC range SG 0.30 – 0.69
    Uw range DG 3.3 – 3.8
    SHGC range DG 0.16 – 0.58
    Glazing Details
    Single Glazed 4 – 12.4mm
    Double Glazed 18mm
    Compatible Systems
    Derwent Centre Pocket Framing
    McArthur Evo Centre Pocket Framing
    ecoFRAMEplus Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
    Hunter Evo Flush Glazed Framing
    The genuine quality of their product , their uncompromising after-sales support, and their hard working application on every project, have made SV Glass a true trading partner

    - Anthony Pillinger, SWELL HOMES

    Thank you for the great work done. We are very happy with the new look to a tired old room. Please thank Blake for the his excellent work and professionalism.

    - Patricia Gignoli