Discover the Beauty of Glass In The Modern Australian Home

In the modern Australian home, glass is not just banished to the bathrooms, nor just a part of stock standard windows.

Glass in the modern, Australian home takes on new meaning, provides greater liveability and adds style and sophistication in ways not seen before.

Interested to find out more about the many uses and beauty of glass in the home?

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Quality glass in the kitchen

Did you know glass has many forms and functions in the modern, Australian kitchen?

Let’s explore them below:

  • Glass can be custom made into a tabletop for a clever, clean dining surface, and
  • The popular Perth glass kitchen splashback.

At SV Glass, we specialise in custom made, glass kitchen splashbacks. Splashbacks have such a cemented place in the modern, Australian home because they’re so easy to clean and so effortlessly stylish.

Read more about the benefits you will experience from a quality glass kitchen splashback on our blog.


Quality glass in the garden

Glass? In the garden? That sounds dangerous. Actually, we’re referring to glass doors and windows.

Sliding doors, floor to ceiling windows and bi-fold doors are all very popular within the modern, Australian home.

Why? Because we’re learning more and more about the benefits of natural light, and creating inviting, optimised living, dining and entertaining areas.

SV Glass have the best quality glass in Perth for your doors and windows.

Discover more about the appeal of bi-fold doors on our previous post.


Quality glass in the bathroom

You can’t talk about residential glass without talking about their forms and functions in the bathroom.

In the modern, Australian home – frameless glass shower screens are all the rage.

Here’s why:

  • Easy to clean so you can say goodbye to mould, mildew and soap scum,
  • Frameless glass shower screens transform tired and dated bathrooms into modern, functional and sophisticated bathrooms.

Glass is truly a favourite and functional feature to the modern, Australian home. In the bathroom you can have quality glass mirrors and add gorgeous glass splashbacks.

Revamping your bathroom for a more modern, Australian feel? See how the quality glass experts at SV Glass can make your bathroom renovation dreams come true.


SV Glass provide quality glass in Perth

For all your residential glass crafting and installing needs, you can rely on SV Glass.

Why? Because with over 20 years’ experience in glazing services, we understand what people want and draw on our acquired skillset and unmatched customer service to make it happen.

We simply adore glass in the modern, Australian home to let more light in, spend less time cleaning, and enjoy the liveability of your home that little bit more.

We think you will love our range of glass products and services, too.


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