A Beginners Guide to Bifold Doors

You probably know about bifold doors – how they slide and stack together. This includes probably hearing about or witnessing their seamless, stunning design in reality. 

Yet apart from that, what else do you know (or not know) about custom bifold glass doors? 

What’s their function, why should you utilise them in your home and are they too expensive and out of reach for the everyday homeowner? 

Find out all this and more with a beginners guide to bifold doors from the custom glass Perth specialists at SV Glass. 


What bifold glass doors are made for 

Bifold glass doors were made to enhance functionality in a home, and of course, make any gorgeous view the number one feature of a home. 

Many Perth residents have beautiful backyards or picturesque views that must be given front and centre. This is why homeowners should be (and are) investing in bifold glass doors. 

Here’s what a basic bifold glass door design looks like: 

  • Configured to integrate multiple door panels, typically 2-8 dependent on doorway width, 
  • The flexibility to stack to one or both sides, and 
  • An easy, sophisticated way to maximise a large doorway. 

They’re made for you, customised to your home and style layout requirements. 

So, what are some ways to utilise bifold glass doors in your home? 


3 ways to utilise bifold glass doors in your home 

Did you know bifold glass doors can be used in more ways than one? This includes more than just separating (or indeed, opening up) the outdoors and the indoors. 

1. Dividing an internal living and dining area 

Depending on the age and style of your home, you may have a separated dining and living room (thanks to a wall or door), or open plan (a popular, modern choice). 

Open plan isn’t the answer to every home. This is where installing bifold glass doors internally can really make a difference. 

2. Combining indoor dining with outdoor entertaining 

Installing multiple bifold doors will transform and open up the indoors and outdoors for warm evening alfresco dining. 

3. Capitalise on that view 

Live in a beautiful beachside location? Perhaps the hearty hills? Or have you simply created an outdoor oasis in suburbia? Whatever your locale, bifold glass doors allow beautiful views, sunshine and the cool breeze to flow into your house. 

What are you waiting for? The custom glass Perth specialists at SV Glass will make your bifold glass door dreams come true. 


The custom glass Perth team and bifold glass doors 

The team at SV Glass have over 20 years’ experience in providing custom glass in Perth. 

We’re surprisingly cost-effective when it comes to the long-term investment of style, durability and function of our bifold glass doors and other custom glass products. 


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