4 Benefits of a Quality Kitchen Splashback

A kitchen is the one true heart of the home. After all, it’s where meals are lovingly created, the place where the elixir of life (coffee) is brewed in the mornings, and where some of our best family conversations are had. 

If a kitchen is important to you, then you’re likely envisaging clever, stylish ways to make it more functional and beautiful. 

Enter – the kitchen splashback. 

Want to know the benefits of a quality kitchen splashback? 

Read more from those who know splashbacks and quality glass in Perth, SV Glass, to find out. 

 1. Kitchen splashbacks protect your kitchen walls 

Who would’ve have thought that a staple in so many interior designs actually serve as protection? 

You won’t be investing in kitchen splashbacks for just their looks. 

How does installing a quality kitchen splashback protect your kitchen walls? 

  • Protection against stains, 
  • Moisture protection, and because of this, less chance of water damage. 

Protecting your kitchen walls now will save you money in repainting peeled, cracked kitchen walls in the future. 

 2.Increase your theme and coordinate your colours 

When you choose to install a kitchen splashback, you’ll be surprised how material and colour palette varieties will complement your home’s existing colours. 

Glass is a great material for kitchen splashbacks in Perth due to the bright, clean and stylish appeal it gives to any kitchen. 

Choose from the colours of the rainbow for your kitchen splashback, to suit, blend and add to the theme and feel of your home. 

Talk to the Perth glass specialists at SV Glass to find the best splashback to suit your home. 

3. Easier to clean, easier to enjoy 

Ever looked at the walls above your stove top and ask yourself: “how on earth did those stains get there?” We get it. Sometimes, the very best of us get carried away in the kitchen. 

When you install a kitchen splashback, you’re making those head-scratching cooking oil and sauce stains easier to clean, so you make your life, meal and cleaning easier to enjoy. 

What else will you enjoy? 

  • Splashbacks from the Perth glass specialists at SV Glass are custom-made and available in large panels, to cover and suit your kitchen. 
  • The shiny finish of a splashback actually prevents water and oil from seeping through. 
  • This means worrying not of mould or spores, or tough to clean oil or water marks. 

Splashbacks simply make time in the kitchen easier. 

4. They create a lighter, brighter kitchen 

It seems many homeowners are trying to bring more lightness and brightness into their homes, and for good reason, too. Letting more natural light into your home can reduce depression and insomnia, help indoor plants flourish and reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms growing in your house. 

Did you know you can create a lighter, brighter kitchen with a splashback? 

They do this by reflecting light, which works wonders in smaller kitchens with an absence of or limited windows and lights. 


You need SV Glass, the experts in Perth glass to create and install your kitchen splashback. 

We’re here to help you decide on the colour and style, and any questions and special requests along the way. 

Need a quality kitchen splashback in Perth? Contact SV Glass today for exceptional service and quality glass. 

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